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Cylinder Filling Machines
The basic weighing machine is a rugged mechanical type platform scale, with double beam steelyard, and double pillars designed to take repetitive shock loading with sustained accuracy.
The filling and control system consists of :
  Main Pneumatic control panel
  Pneumatic sensor (for actuating the flow control valve)
  LPG Filling Gun with pneumatic clamping arrangement
  Weight Balancer type support system for filling gun
  Heavy duty non-sparking aluminum roller conveyors on platform
  Front mounted pressure indicators for main air pressure and sensor air pressure
  High pressure hose connection and shut off valves for LPG supply to the machine
Technical Specifications :  
  Type : Mechanical, Double Beam, Platform machine. With Fully Pneumatic Semi-automatic Controls
  Cylinder Filling Capacity : 5 kg. to 50 kg. cylinders
  Least Count : 100 gms.
  Filling Gun Clamping on cylinder valve : Pneumatic
  Operation START / STOP : Pneumatic Sensor Actuation
  Filling Operation Start : Press Start Button. Filling will not start unless filling gun is clamped securely
  Tare Weight Setting : Sliding Poise on secondary Beam-Easy User Friendly Design
  Filling Operation–START / STOP actuation : Pneumatic
  Filling Operation Stop : Automatic
  Filling Gun Release and Pull up : Automatic